Glam Brand

Glam Brands is a fashion ecommerce aggregator / roll up that acquires independent Fashion Brands on Shopify & Amazon and fix them for a Profit.

Glam Brands uses its expertise in supply chain to bring the COGS down by 50% from Day 1 post acquisition and help accelerate fashion brands across multiple distribution channels

Bose Foundation is a registered  non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women & migrant workers working in fashion & apparel sector by skilling them to earn a respectable livelihood

GlamWork Studio is a fashion incubator that works with independent designers and creators to launch fashion brands

Hula Global is an apparel supply chain company that owns and operates apparel manufacturing factories in India.

Uniforms is a leading uniform manufacturer in India that provides uniforms for Schools, Hotels, Industrials, hospitals, and Security Forces.

Ecogram is a D2C sustainable women’s wear fashion brand launched in the US with exclusive collaboration with Amazon USA

GlamWork is a B2B Fashion dropshipping service geared towards launching, leading and growing a fashion business online